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7 Million Downloads in 2+ Years

Perpetual Traffic is a popular podcast that covers the latest trends and strategies in digital marketing. The podcast was launched in 2015 and had a loyal fan base, but by 2020, it was facing some challenges. The show had become stale and predictable, the audience was losing interest and engagement, and the sponsors were not seeing the results they expected.

That's when we stepped in.

We started by conducting a thorough analysis of the show's strengths and weaknesses, as well as the needs and preferences of the audience. Based on our findings, we implemented several changes to the show, such as:

  • Changing the release schedule of the show and introducing new episode formats.

  • Adjusting the tone of the show to highlight the personalities of the hosts.

  • Offering surveys to increase audience participation and feedback.

  • Updating the branding, website, and cover art to highlight the hosts.

The results were impressive. Within six months of taking over the production of Perpetual Traffic, we achieved the following outcomes:

  • Weekly downloads increased 400% surpassing 50,000 weekly downloads.

  • Reviews doubled from averaging 2.1 stars to 4.8 stars.

  • Ranking improved to #25 marketing in United States

  • Sponsorship inventory was sold out a year in advance.

We can’t take full credit for all of these numbers as the hosts played a large role in the implementation and execution of these strategies. But Amplafy Media was able to organize and execute a strategy that led to Perpetual Traffic being one of the most popular digital marketing podcasts in the world.

The 'Eternal Optimist' podcast, hosted by Matt Drinkhahn, is a testament to the power of connection and the potential of podcasting. Despite being a new podcast with a limited audience size, Matt was able to close a $50,000 coaching and consulting deal, all thanks to a connection made during a podcast interview.

As a new podcast, 'The Eternal Optimist' faced the common challenge of a limited audience size. This often poses a hurdle to monetization, as traditional methods typically rely on large listener bases.

The solution was found not in the size of the audience, but in the quality of the connections made. By utilizing Matt's network, the podcast was able to secure interviews with high-profile guests. These interviews were not just opportunities for engaging content; they were also potential business relationships.

The informal and genuine nature of the podcast conversations allowed Matt to connect deeply with his guests. This authenticity facilitated an easy transition to sales conversations, leading to a significant deal. The focus was on monetizing through relationships and leveraging the show's positioning, rather than selling directly to listeners.


Getting a 10X ROI from Podcasting


Becoming an Industry Leader in Less than 30 Episodes

Grow Everything' is a biotech podcast that shines a spotlight on innovative and impactful entrepreneurs and leaders in the biotech industry. The show's goal is to foster a community in the biotech space, with MessagingLab, the company behind the podcast, positioned at the industry's core.

Before the podcast, MessagingLab had a limited social media and content presence. The business relied solely on word of mouth and referrals. This limited their reach and influence within the biotech industry.

So we took a three-pronged approach to overcome this challenge. First, we focused on producing high-quality audio content, knowing our audience valued professionalism. Second, we invited well-known figures from the biotech industry to our show, adding credibility and attracting listeners. Lastly, we promoted our podcast at industry events, effectively combining offline networking with our online platform.

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