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Podcast Marketing Ideas for New Shows in 2021

Marketing your podcast in 2021 is going to take more than just putting out a good show.

Thousands of new podcasts release every day, and it’s getting harder to stand out amongst the crowd. Luckily you can get the word out about your show, grow your audience, and build a successful podcast - without ads or sponsors!

But it won’t necessarily be easy, and it may take more time than you think.

If that’s ok with you, here are three ways you can market your podcast in 2020:

  • Be a guest on other shows

  • Use Platforms like YouTube and Instagram

  • Engage and Connect With Ideal Listeners

Be a guest on other podcasts

The number one, hands-down, best way to market your own podcast is by being a guest on other podcasts. They already listen to podcasts, so it’s much easier for them to find and subscribe to your show.

Plus, being a podcast guest allows you to promote your show while creating authentic connections with potential listeners. Every guest appearance exposes your show to potential listeners while building your credibility and authority.

Because most people listen to the whole podcast, you'll have a better chance to connect with the audience. It's also likely that you'll have an opportunity to share your podcast with the listeners. This is a perfect time to ask them to listen and subscribe.

Use other Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok

Although podcasts are usually only audio, many shows are successfully promoting their podcast with video. Creating video content for your podcast can create an enhanced experience for your listener and also help you reach an audience that doesn’t listen to podcasts.

You can create original content for these platforms or you can repurpose parts of your podcast to publish on YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok. You can record behind the scenes footage while you’re recording or even publish a vlog-like video of your daily happenings. Shows like the Joe Rogan Experience have also had great success by posting short clips of the best parts of the show.

Creating video content is also going to expose you to an audience that may not find you through podcasts. YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok are platforms where you can share videos and also increase the likelihood of being found. Podcasts platforms like iTunes and Spotify are limited in their ability to recommend new shows. But other platforms rely heavily on recommending new content, and that can benefit your show.

Engage and Connect With Ideal Listeners

The last (and maybe least utilized) podcast marketing strategy is going out and actively engaging with potential listeners. Social platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok make it easy to set up a page for your podcast and to start reaching out to potential listeners.

The first step to doing this is identifying who the ideal listener for your podcast is. Get clear on their demographics like how old they are, what gender they identify with, and maybe even what region or location they live in. But you also want to think about what their interests are and what pages or hashtags they might follow.

Once you’ve identified the characteristics of your ideal listener, search the pages and hashtags for people that match and engage with them. If someone looks like they’d enjoy your show, like one of their posts; leave a comment, or even follow them if you like. The goal is to pop up on their notifications in hopes that they will check out your page and engage back.

But don’t spam and comment on every profile you see. Make sure that you’re looking to create authentic, genuine connections with people that actually match your audience. It’s not about liking a bunch of posts or sending a lot of messages. It’s about sparking a connection that you can continue on through your show and content.

That's it! It's simpler than you think. You just gotta roll up your sleeves and get going!

But if it sounds like a lot and you want help marketing your podcast, visit

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