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How to Grow Your Podcast on LinkedIn

If you want to grow your podcast, LinkedIn can be a great place to start. LinkedIn allows you to reach people in a particular niche that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to connect to. And it also has a growing userbase of people who want to grow their network and their business.

So here’s a three step process you can use to grow your podcast on LinkedIn:

Connect with Your Ideal Listeners

LinkedIn search tool allows you to filter users by their job, company, or even industry. This makes it easy to get specific about the people that you want to connect with.

If you have a show about tech, then you can target companies whose employees are likely to enjoy your show. If you have a show about a certain industry, you can narrow the filters by industry. You can even search for people that are connections of the people in your current network. You're more likely to get accepted by people connected to your current network.

I’d also recommend personalizing the invite. But don’t be salesy or spammy in the invite. Just connect with them and let them know why you reached out to them. It can be something as simple as,

“Hey *NAME*, I’m looking to expand my network in INDUSTRY so I thought I’d send you a connection.”

Personalizing the invite does a couple of things. First it pings the person’s email and lets them know that they got a personal invite. This dramatically increases the likelihood of them accepting the connection request. It also gives you an opportunity to create a small window of connection. This even works on the CEOs of Fortune 1000 companies (I've tried it).

Post Content Consistently

LinkedIn is one of the few platforms where your content can get exposure to people outside your network. But certain types of content tend to perform better than others. Currently, captioned videos and carousel posts perform the best. But that doesn't mean that will stay that way. These types of posts tend to perform 5-10x better than regular text posts. But experiment with different posts and topics to find out which resonate the most with your audience.

Follow Up with Those That Interact

The most important step is to follow up with people who interact with your content. It goes down in the DMs! The amount of people engaging with your posts may be a small number at first. But it’s important to connect and cultivate a relationship with those people while you can.

Once they've interacted with your content, send them a message thanking them. Next ask them a question like, "Hey (NAME), by the way... I just released a new show on (TOPIC) and was looking to get some feedback from people in the industry. Can I send you a link to check it out?" This makes it easy for them to say no but an even higher chance that they'll say yes.

Then just send them the link. And rinse and repeat.

It can be that simple. But you've just got to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

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