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3 Podcast Marketing Tools to Help Promote Your Show

Recording, editing, and publishing a podcast takes a lot of work. But that’s only half the battle. If you don’t consistently promote and market your podcast, it’s likely that not very many people will hear it.

You could go viral and be a word of mouth sensation, but the success of your show will largely depend on how well you market it. A great show that’s not marketed properly will just be buried under the thousands of other podcasts that are out there.

So here’s three tools that will save you time and make it easier to promote your podcast:.


The best way to market your podcast is by guesting on other people’s podcasts. But finding and contacting different hosts can be very time consuming. There’s a lot of research and outreach that’s involved in effectively landing guest spots. You'll want to find shows that align with your show, and then you’ll also want to reach out personally via email or direct message.

Luckily there’s a free service that helps connect podcasts with podcast guests. It’s like Tinder for podcast. You'll create a profile and choose whether you're looking for guests or looking to be one. Then Podmatch's matching system helps to connect you with likely shows. You can also use the search feature to actively find other shows to be a guest on. Plus it allows you to message and schedule interviews directly through the platform.


A great way to market your podcast is by creating shorter videos from your show. Your audience can watch these while they’re scrolling through Instagram or Tik Tok. These shorter highlight clips act as reminder to keep your show top of mind with your listeners. These will remind your current listeners about recent episodes while attracting new listeners.

Our favorite tool to create these clips is Headliner. Headliner makes it easy to to upload your podcast and create videos for YouTube, Instagram, and even Tik Tok. The software allows you to easily add captions, text, and images to your video. Plus it’s easy to create different sizes like horizontal and vertical.

You can sign up for a free account at


You want to make it as easy as possible for your listeners to listen/watch your show. It's a major principle of podcast marketing. That means taking your show and turning it into images or graphics that your audience can consume quickly. Episode art is an important part of marketing your show. But you can also create quote graphics, infographics, or even behind-the-scenes pictures of the episode’s recording.

A popular and easy tool to create graphics with is Canva. It's like photoshop but for newbies. You can edit your photos, use their vast library of templates and stock footage, and export your images into a variety of sizes and file formats. It's is like the swiss army knife for quick and easy graphic design.

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