Top 100 Podcast?

The next Podcast Marketing Bootcamp starts January 4th!

Your podcast deserves to be heard by more people. Let’s work together to make that happen!

Are You Ready to Start Marketing Your Show Like a

Why should you even bother marketing your podcast?

Thousands of podcasts are released every day. Most of them will only be heard by a few people.


That’s a shame.


Because it takes so much work to record, edit, and finally publish a podcast. Only for it to be shouted into oblivion.


There’s a certain point in every podcast’s journey where you have to decide if it’s something worth pursuing further. If the answer is yes, then you owe it to yourself to give it your all.


No one is just going to magically find your podcast. It’s not like the ‘Field of Dreams’ where the classic line is, “Build it and they will come.”


In fact that’s absolute garbage.


Any seasoned podcaster will tell you that it takes work to market your podcast. You’re competing for attention with thousands of other shows and it’s up to you to stay top of mind and stand out.

But most importantly, imagine how many more people you can impact when you grow your show. Whether you wanted to entertain, educate, or inspire your audience; the more people that hear your show the better off the world will be.

You have a genius that deserves to be heard!


So if you want to:

Develop your podcast’s


Improve your

views and downloads…

And grow a community of

engaged listeners…

Then you need

to join the Podcast Marketing Bootcamp

Here’s how it works

The ‘Podcast Marketing Bootcamp’ is a six week program that will get you marketing your podcast like a top 100 podcast. 


You’ll work with the Amplafy Team to develop a brand that fits your show and resonates with your audience. 


We’ll help you to create content and media that you can use to attract more listeners.


Plus you’ll get our scripts and templates that you can use to grow your email/text lists!

You've Got 2 Options

6 Weekly Live Trainings & Workbook

The bootcamp will be conducted over a period of six weeks. Each week participants will be given a series of assignments in addition to a live training call. The registered participants will vote on the day and times two weeks before the scheduled start of the program. The bootcamp will also come with a workbook that you can use to accelerate your understanding and execution of the material. DIY participants will receive a digital version and DWY participants will receive a spiral bound version.  

Podcast Branding Audit

We’ll help you identify the core strengths of your brand and the opportunities you have to enhance and refine it. You’ll also get easy action steps that you can take to improve your downloads and listens.

  • Podcast Branding Setup: Amplafy’s team will enhance and refine your podcast’s brand with you. You’ll get our designer’s expert recommendations and templates for your show.

  • Amplafy Video Edition: Amplafy’s video team will help you create micro-content to help you promote your show on YouTube and Tik Tok.

  • Amplafy’s Community Engagement Team: You’ll get access to our engagement team of trained VAs who will help you create conversations with your listeners. The Engagement Team will help drive downloads and listens to your show.

DWY Upgrade Bonuses (Done-With-You)

Here’s how it’s different

The podcast marketing bootcamp is unique in it’s content and in its structure. This hybrid course will give you the information you need to market your podcast properly AND the team to go out and execute it.


You’ll work with Amplafy’s podcast marketing team to help you take your show to the next level.

Mac Desktop

So what’s the catch?

This is the first time we’re doing

a hybrid program. Usually our clients pay us $2000+ to do everything for them. That means that our communication and accountability is crucial for the success of this program.


If you don’t participate, this thing won’t work.

Writing on Computer

This program still requires work

The reality is we can’t do all the heavy lifting for you.

This is going to require you to putting in the time to complete the assignments.

The reality is your podcast isn’t just going to market itself.

It’s up to you to make it happen.


But we can help.

Most Affordable

  • 6 Weekly Group Training Sessions

  • Podcast Branding Audit

  • Podcast Marketing Bootcamp Workbook (Digital Version)

Best Value

  • 6 Group Training Sessions

  • Podcast Branding Setup (Logo, Thumbnails, Episode Art)

  • Amplafy’s Video Editing Team

  • Amplafy’s Community Engagement Team

  • Podcast Marketing Bootcamp Workbook (Paperback)

What’s included in the bootcamp?

The program includes six weekly training sessions along with supplemental videos and a workbook to help you implement the material. The weekly trainings will be conducted live and recordings will be sent out afterwards for you to watch at your convenience. Members can choose to upgrade to the “Done-With-You” membership that includes a podcast makeover and rebrand, videos to market your podcast, and access to Amplafy’s engagement team.

Members will also have support via live zoom calls, group chats, and email. This will allow you to ask questions, get feedback, and network with other people in the program. 

What will I achieve throughout the bootcamp?

Our mission is to help you take your podcast to the next level - no matter what that is. We’ll help you get your first 100 loyal listeners, hit 1000 downloads an episode, or even start to make a run at the top charts. Over 6 weeks you’ll see an increase in your audience, your downloads, and your followers.


Additionally, you’ll have what it takes to properly market your podcast in 2021. Your podcast’s brand will have a new look, you’ll have content to be able to market your podcast, and you’ll have an engagement system that will consistently generate new listeners for your podcast.

What will I be doing during the bootcamp?

The bootcamp will help you elevate your BRAND, your MARKETING, and your COMMUNITY. The first two weeks will focus on upgrading, refining, and developing your podcast’s brand. The next two weeks will help you identify different ways you can market your show. The last two weeks focus on growing your community of listeners and loyal fans.


Each week you’ll receive a series of videos and assignments to complete and there will be a live training and Q&A every week on the material. The live trainings will be an interactive and engaging event where you can ask questions and connect with other podcast hosts in the program.

How much time is required?

Obviously the more you put into it, the more you’re going to get out of it. Our basic DIY membership will require 2-3 hours every week to complete the assignments. But you can upgrade your membership to the DWY and Amplafy’s team will help you with some of the time consuming assignments like designing, editing, and transcribing.  You’ll tell our team how you want it to look and we’ll do the heavy lifting for you. 

What’s the difference between the two memberships?

We know that some people want to do it themselves, and others would rather pay someone to do the work for them. The DIY membership will give you access to all of the materials and systems we use to promote our client’s podcast. The upgraded membership will provide you with deliverables each week that include new podcast branding, materials  to market your show, and custom scripts you can use to grow your audience. All members will have access to the community of podcasters where they can get feedback and support on your execution of the systems. 

Is there a guarantee?

Sure. If you complete the program in its entirety and don’t think it’s worth it, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back.


There’s only a limited number of spots


The truth is we can only work with a limited number of shows - especially in this beta stage. So if you want more downloads, a larger community of listeners, and a better overall podcasting experience - join the bootcamp.


Your fans will thank you.