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Marketing Your Podcast. Simple and Easy.

Amplafy Media Takes All the Time and Frustration out of Marketing Your Podcast

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Who are we

Marketing your podcast can seem like a full-time job, and It’s becoming harder than ever for your podcast to truly stand out. Popular platforms like iTunes and Spotify are getting more crowded everyday, and because of this - podcasts have to take an active approach to marketing their show. 

Amplafy Media is a podcast marketing agency for podcasts who want to grow their brand and the reach and engagement of their podcast and social profiles. In order to maximize results and ROI, Amplafy Media specializes in creating eye-catching, relevant content from your podcast. 

Your Podcast’s Branding

Your Podcast’s Promotion

Your Podcast’s Community

How it works

Successful Podcast Marketing Comes Down to 3 Things:

Branding Your Podcast the Right Way

Branded Promotional Content

We are committed to bringing out your genius and building your brand. Having a “DIY-looking” brand can get you going.


But it’s important to make sure that all your visual assets are consistent across your various websites and social media channels. Your logo, colors, and fonts should all work together to help people understand what your show is about.


Amplafy Media develops and designs brands that are authentic to the show and will resonate with their audience.

Podcast Logo Design

Podcast Channel Art for YouTube and Instagram

Podcast Thumbnail Design

Podcast Branding Services:

Promoting Your Podcast the Right Way

Too many podcasts see themselves as an audio show that comes out on Apple and Spotify. But the biggest shows don’t limit themselves to just audio, they also find a way to engage their listeners on other platforms. You can pay for fake downloads, but the best way it to reach your ideal listeners organically.


Amplafy Media makes it easy to grow your show on other popular social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Tik Tok. We will curate, edit, and post content to popular social platforms.













Tik Tok


Podcast Promotion Services:

Growing Your Podcast’s Community

Podcasts can not succeed without cultivating a community. Amplafy Media makes it easy to find and engage with your fans and other ideal listeners.  Getting more downloads and growing your audience can seem almost impossible when 1000s of new shows are launched every day, but proactively engaging with your podcast’s audience can help you stand out.

Podcast Community Services:

Email List Building

Comment Moderation & Replies

Listener Outreach


"They understand your vision... and the results have been nothing short of miraculous"

Pat & Sam Cullinane

Authors of Marriage:

From Miserable to Magnificent

Want to grow your podcast?

We’re offering a free 10-point audit on your podcast’s brand and promotion. We’ll assess your show and send you some personalized suggestions. You can also chat with our strategy consultant who can help to create a podcast promotion plan that works for you.

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